7 Benefits of Interactive Play for Cats

Try to schedule at least two play sessions a day that last about 15 minutes each. It may seem difficult to carve out that time daily, but the long-term benefits are surely worth it for your much-loved feline family member. Remember, keep it fun, recurrent, and rewarding and your cat will be purring with joy.



If you aren’t sure what type of toys to get for your cat, you may have to do some toy testing to see if he has any preferences. The pictures I’ve featured in this article are of the Rompicatz toys (Pet Ki Enterprises). There are also many other wonderful brands. Rompicatz has a wide variety of well-made toys with high cat appeal that top my list when talking to clients about playtime for cats. The Cat Dancer (Cat Dancer Products, Inc) is another good brand. Cat Dancer is an age-old classic that’s hard to beat for play enticement and durability. Another good toy is Da Bird (Go Cat) but as I said, there are other good brands. Just be sure, when shopping for toys, they are well-made and safe.  I am not a paid spokesperson for the above-mentioned brands and I receive no affiliate income from the recommendations. I just want you to have a good starting point if you’re researching which toys to try for interactive play.

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