What Are Mixed Dog Breeds?

A mixed breed dog is a dog that has parents from different breeds. These dogs can be the result of accidental or intentional breeding between two purebred dogs of different breeds, or they can be the result of crossbreeding between a purebred dog and a mixed breed dog.

Helping Your Dog With Pests

Summer brings with it tons of sun, fun, and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it also is a time where our pets are exposed to a variety of pests, many of them lurking in places unseen. Here are five that are especially annoying—and dangerous. Fleas It’s nearly impossible to avoid fleas for an entire season, and for … Read more

What Shots Does My Dog Need

There are many vaccines available for dogs that are usually not very expensive by themselves, although often the exam price is merged with the vaccines which makes them appear more expensive. The most important vaccines across the country are the rabies and DHPP (the distemper and parvo combination). Rabies is required by law in most … Read more

Training Collars for Your Dog

You either love them or hate them for your dog, but training collars when used correctly can be a wonderful training to tool to help you and your dog with their bad habits. Yelling at your dog doesn’t work! When our chocolate lab was just over 6 months we introduced a training collar or shock … Read more

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Since I talk about my chocolate Labrador Retriever in almost each and every post, I thought I would share some facts and characteristics about the breed.  Our Harley is a wonderful companion for me, and he goes just about everywhere I go (depending on the weather – I don’t like taking him if too hot … Read more

Pica: Non-Food Consumption Disorder

Puppies eat all kinds of objects, including nonfood items. Although behavior experts aren’t sure why they do it, many puppies tend to chew and swallow inedible things during investigation of their environments. Most puppies grow out of this behavior by six months of age without anything but mild discouragement from their owners. The consumption of … Read more

Four Steps to a Healthy Adult Dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog.  You can see by the shine of their coat or their always wagging tails that a dog is happy and healthy.  But your dog might need help to stay healthy and it is up to you as his owner and caregiver to look after their health needs.  With … Read more

Shop at PetSmart

PetSmart is one of the industry leading pet stores in the United States and Canada, providing all the necessary items for your family pets. PetSmart is a retail chain doing business in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico engaged in the sale of specialty pet supplies and services such as grooming and dog training, … Read more

Shop Pet360

Pet360, also known as PetFoodDirect.com is a great shopping hub for all pet lovers! They offer over 5000 products that can be purchased and shipped directly to your home, without leaving the comfort of your home. Alongside being a great source for buying pet products online, they are also known for their abundance of pet … Read more