The 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Multiple Dogs

If you have more than one dog, you know the struggle of making sure they’re all fed — and on time. Fortunately, there are automatic dog feeders made specifically for multiple dogs.

Table of Contents

  1. How Does Automatic Feeder for multiple dogs Work?
  2. How Can Dogs Eat Together?
  3. Things To Look For In An Automatic Feeder?
    1. Feeder Storage:
    2. Quantity Management
    3. Meals Regulation:
    4. Technology:
    5. Convenient Design:
    6. Easy To Use Equipment:
  4. Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Feeder For Two And More Pets:
  5. The 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeders For Multiple Dogs:
    1. Best Overall: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder:
    2. Petsafe 2-Pet Meal Splitter With Bowl:
    3. Best For Small Pets: Old Tjikko Water Feeder For Dogs:
    4. Best Versatile: AQKDD Automatic Pet Feeder:
  6. Final Verdict:
  7. FAQ

When it comes to finding the best automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs, you’ll need a feeder that can hold enough food for all of them.

Another thing to consider is how easy it is to use. And finally, you have to think about how much you’re willing to spend.

How Does Automatic Feeder for multiple dogs Work?

An automatic feeder is a device that helps dog owners portion out food and feed their dogs on a regular schedule.

There are many different types of automatic feeders available on the market, but they all work in basically the same way.

An automatic dog feeder for 2 dogs or more typically consists of a food storage container, a dispensing mechanism, and a timer. The dog owner will pour the food for their pet into the food storage container.

The dispensing mechanism is what will release the food from the container and into the bowl for the dog to eat. And finally, the timer is what will determine when the dispensing mechanism will release the food.

So, how does it all work? It’s pretty simple! You wouldn’t be worried about using the dog dispenser for multiple dogs

How Can Dogs Eat Together?

If you want your dogs to be able to eat together, an automatic dog feeder for 2 pets or more is an answer!

Whether you have two large dogs or two small dogs, there are a variety of automatic dog feeders on the market that can accommodate both.

Some automatic dog feeders for multiple dogs even have separate compartments for each dog, so you can customize their meals according to their individual needs.

And if you’re worried about one dog eating all the food before the other gets any, don’t be – most automatic dog feeders for multiple pets come with an adjustable timer so you can control how long each dog has to eat.

So if you’re looking for a way to make mealtime more peaceful for your furry friends, an automatic dog feeder is worth considering! 

Things To Look For In An Automatic Feeder?

When you want to buy an automatic dog feeder for 2 dogs or more, few things you have to take into consideration:

Feeder Storage:

The size of the feeder impacts the quantity you can have on it at any given time, which determines how many meals you can have regularly and how often you have to replenish it. The bigger the feeder, the more meals you can schedule in one day.

Quantity Management

Numerous automatic cat and dog feeders for multiple pets suggest you control the quantity of food served at each meal.

The portion control system is a noteworthy aspect to consider if your cat is currently overweight or has a tendency to overeat quickly.

Meals Regulation:

Once you have taken stock of your automatic pet food dispenser’s capacity, you will need to estimate how many meals it will need to distribute during the day.

Assess how much food your animal will eat regularly, and think about how frequently an automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs will enable you to program between mealtimes.


Automatic pet food dispensers for multiple pets come with various features, from a basic model whose display has a digital timer to one that is augmented with smart features.

With the press of a button, you can set unique meal times. These feeders with digital displays have a touchscreen and an LCD screen for convenient programming.

Convenient Design:

If you have a smart and endearing pet, they’ll more than likely choose to get involved in your food preparation, trying to get extra food ahead of time.

Some pets can move the feeder around the kitchen and shake it to spill out a few kibbles. When shopping for an automatic food dispenser, be sure to look for one in which your nosy pet will not be able in the past to sneak some food before your set mealtime.

Easy To Use Equipment:

If convenience is your top priority, select a dishwasher-safe dog dispenser for multiple dogs with a removable bowl and other detachable parts. Moreover, the parts should be easy to clean.

Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Feeder For Two And More Pets:

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs.



·         Help you to portion out your pet’s food

·         Automatic feeder will not work if the batteries die or power lost

·         Prevent overfeeding

·         may not be adaptable enough for every pet’s diet

·         Keep the food fresh and nutritious

·         Help to train your pet to eat at regular time

The 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeders For Multiple Dogs:

If you have multiple dogs, chances are that feeding time can be a bit chaotic. Having an automatic dog feeder can help to make things a bit more organized and less hectic. Here are the 5 best automatic dog feeders for multiple dogs that are currently on the market.

Best Overall: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder:

The PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is programmable, so you can schedule meals and portions according to your pet’s needs.


  •         Best Wi-Fi item
  •         Conveyor has a slow feed option available
  •         Feeder can be controlled by multiple smartphones


  •         No option to hold the bowl at its place

The PetSafe Smart Automatic Cat and Automatic Dog Feeder for multiple dogs is the perfect way to make sure your pet always has enough food.

With a 6L capacity and 24 cups, this feeder can hold enough dry food for multiple pets. Plus, it’s compatible with Alexa, Amazon Dash, Apple, and Android devices for added convenience.

Even when you’re not home, you can simply ask your Amazon Echo device to dispense a snack for your pet, and it will do so hands-free. This is especially convenient for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. An automatic dog feeder for multiple pets can be a nice pick for your lovely friends.

The PetSafe Smart Feed dispenses meals slowly and carefully, ensuring that your pet gets the nutrition they need without overeating.

The Slow Feed setting is perfect for larger meals, dispensing them in small amounts over 15 minutes. This allows your pet to digest its food properly and prevents them from becoming overweight.

This automatic feeder lets you schedule up to 12 meals per day, dispense from 1-8 cups per meal, and adjust portion size to fit your pet’s needs. You can also turn off the schedule in the app if you need to temporarily stop the feeder from dispensing.

 Best Affordable: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder:

Looking to make mealtime for your pet a little more convenient? With this feeder schedule your pet’s meals, and you can set specific times for your furry friend to be fed throughout the day – no more missed meals or overeating!

This automatic dog feeder for 2 dogs or more is perfect for busy pet parents on the go and ensures that your pet always has access to fresh, nutritious food.


  •         You can schedule your pet’s meals as you please
  •         accompanies 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food
  •         Pet-proof construction prevents nosy paws from sneaking food


  •         The bowl is a little bit huge

It allows you to feed your pet the right amount of food, every time. No more overfeeding or underfeeding; simply set the amount you want to dispense and let it does the rest.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feeder is an automatic dog dispenser for multiple dogs that works with dry and semi-moist pet kibble.

It is perfect for pets who are on a special diet or need to be fed on a regular schedule. The dog feeder for multiple dogs works with kibble that is up to 3/4 inch in diameter, suitable for all kinds of pets.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet’s food schedule on track, and their tummy happy, look no further than this Automatic Dispense!

This high-quality feeder is designed to make sure your furry friend is always getting the nourishment they need.

This dog feeder for 2 dogs or more is intended to prevent nosy paws from sneaking meals before time. With its automatic dispense feature, you can rest assured that your pet will get the nutrition they need on a regular basis.

It can be customized to fit your pet’s unique needs, dispensing up to 8 cups per meal. Whether you have a new puppy or an elderly dog, this product will make your life easier while keeping your furry friend healthy and well-fed.

The quality plastic parts and the bowl can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. The conveyor system is very simple to clean by hand.

Petsafe 2-Pet Meal Splitter With Bowl:

Mealtime might be a chore if you own more than one pet. Make it a delight with this amazing product.

It has two compartments so each of your furry friends can enjoy their own meal. It’s made from top-quality material that can be cleaned easily.


  •         Provides equal meal portions
  •         Meal splitter, privacy penal, and meal splitter stand are included
  •         Fantastic automatic dog feeder for multiple pets


  •         Fixing the bowl on the feeder seems a little bit challenging

Simply adjust your automatic dog feeders for multiple pets to dispense 1/2 cup of food at each scheduled meal, and both of your pets will get their fair share. No more fighting over food, and no more worrying about one pet getting more than the other.

This option with a pet dish splitter is a partition that lets you get your pet some well-deserved privacy, a support bracket, and an extra stainless steel bowl.

The App works nicely, it permits you to set up bases and times, be aware of when they’re fed, get alerted when food is low and is helpful throughout a pet’s diet.

You can use the App to handle portions accurately down to 0.8 ounces. This amazing automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs can be an awesome addition to your home that can perfectly make your life easier.

Best For Small Pets: Old Tjikko Water Feeder For Dogs:

Looking for a safe and easy way to keep your pet hydrated? Look no further than the Tjikko Water Feeder!

Made of environmentally safe, non-toxic plastic, this water feeder for multiple pets is perfect for protecting your pet’s health. They’ll always have fresh, clean water at their disposal!


  •         Easy use and cleaning
  •         Can provide 14 ounces of water
  •         Safety twist lock bottles


  •         The base needs to be a bit heavier to manage the accurate position

The Tjikko Water Feeder is perfect for small dog or cat owner who wants to make sure their furry friends always have access to fresh, clean water.

This automatic dog dispenser for multiple dogs dispenses 1 gallon of water and is easy to use. Simply fill the reservoir with water, and the Tjikko Water Feeder will do the rest!

Your dog will always have access to clean drinking water, and you’ll never have to worry about refilling their bowl.

The Tjikko Water feeder is an automatic supply device that utilizes a natural gravity supply system – meaning you don’t have to use electricity.

Not only will this save you money on your energy bill, but it’s also a more secure way to get water.

This water feeder or dog dispenser for 2 dogs or more is designed for easy cleaning, just split the barrel and chassis and rinse them with water. No extra efforts are required, and the components are simple to assemble and disassemble.

This waterer measures 12.9 by 9 by 12.2 inches (LxWxH) and has a large capacity of 3.8L. It’s excellent for keeping your pet’s bowl filled with water, and you’ll never need to bother refilling it again.

Best Versatile: AQKDD Automatic Pet Feeder:

AQKDD N/L 5L is an automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs and cats that makes sure your pets are always fed on time.

With two bowls and a disc control, this feeder can be programmed to dispense food at regular intervals, ensuring that your pet never goes hungry.


  •         Auto setup by a button
  •         Smoothly and consistently provides food to your pets for a couple of days
  •         Dual power supply makes it easy to use


  •         Couldn’t find any

This is an intelligent device that ensures your beloved pet never goes hungry. With just a few button presses, you can have the feeder ready to go.

The app makes it easy to customize your settings and schedule. Plus, with support for multiple languages, you can be sure that the app will work no matter what phone you’re using.

The angled bowl prevents food from accumulating in the outlet, and the removable tank and tray make it easy to clean.

Additionally, the Anti-Stuck Food Design prevents your pet from over-eating or getting stuck in the feeder.

This automatic dog feeder for 2 pets or more is very accurate and punctual with its timing, so you don’t have to worry about your pet being hungry. This feeder also provides a lot of peace and no worries, which is beneficial to both you and your pet.

Final Verdict:

These are the 5 best automatic dog feeders for multiple dogs with buying guide so that you can easily pick the right product for your lovely pet

 Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder is our recommendation as it is overall a great item, but it is totally up to you which one you select according to your convenience.

Automatic dog feeders for multiple pets have many benefits. They can help to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of food, and they can help to keep your pet healthy and well-fed.

Automatic feeders can also help to save you time and money, and they can make your life easier.


Are automatic dog feeders good for dogs?

Overall, automatic dog feeders frequently function effectively and fulfill their intended purpose.Automatic feeders can be a terrific solution for busy days or brief excursions if your dog thrives on a dry food diet and you are familiar with their feeding habits.
But keep in mind that a feeder should never take the place of you.

Can you use an automatic feeder for multiple dogs?

Yes, you can feed several cats or dogs at once using an automatic feeder.Purchase the compatible Meal Splitter to use with your Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder if you have more than one pet at home so that they can all eat at the same time.

Why do we need automatic pet feeders?

By giving your pet the portioned feedings they require, automatic feeders aid in correct weight maintenance. A feeder might help your pet slow down if he eats too quickly or gulps down his food. The new Simply Feed pet feeder’s Slow Feed option distributes each meal over a 15-minute period.

How do I make my dog eat automatically?

For a week or two, leave it out next to his water bowl. He will grow numb to hearing and seeing it as a result. Feed him from the customary dish, but periodically throw in a treat of his choosing to the automatic feeder. He will soon understand that the feeder brings pleasant things, and he will stop being afraid of it.