Best Cat Food for Hedgehogs In 2022 (Reviews & Guides)

Cats, dogs, fish, and birds for pets. Why not a hedgehog? Well, hedgehogs are increasingly becoming popular pets around the ground. Having a hedgehog as a pet means that you have to go the extra mile to know what the adorable pet can eat. While in the wild, hedgehogs are supposed to feed on native vegetable food and insects. Some people choose to get the best cat food for hedgehogs. So, is cat food good for hedgehogs?

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One good thing about hedgehogs is that they are not choosy. There is food made specifically for hedgehogs, but it has been proven that they like cat food more than their own. I will take you through reviews of recommended cat food suitable for hedgehogs.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Food for Hedgehogs

When buying food for your spikey baby, you want her/him to get the best diet. Most hedgehog owners have used cat food as their pet’s food. But what really is the best cat food for the spiky pet? Before buying the food, you must consider some factors to choose the best.

Food content

Different cat food have different ingredients. The content in the food is one key thing that you should consider. Meat or chicken are highly recommended when it comes to food content. Imagine you hedgy munching some chicken soup. He/she will enjoy it.

The same case applies to flavors. Do you think that hedgys have taste buds? Yes! They will definitely know a sweet, bitter, or salty tastes. Therefore, you have to examine what flavor you hedgehog likes. Bring your hedgehog the flavor that turns her/him off, and you will be left with no option than looking for the best flavor for him.

Brand and safety

Spikey friends not choosy, but you should check for what might probably harm them. Not everything is safe for hedgehogs. Different brands guarantee a different level of food safety. I know you want your hedgehog to be with you for a longer time.

Some brands have nothing to lose if your pet is harmed or if their food does not result in your pet’s good health. They, therefore, attract buyers with the lowest price, which guarantees no food safety. When the deal is too good, think twice about it. Choose a reputable brand to ensure that your hedgy gets the safest food.


A hedgehog will need portions of proteins, fiber, and fats in the diet. The nutrients are essential as they aid in building up as close as possible to a natural diet. It is also advisable to have L-carnitine as an additional nutrient to enhance heart health. Your baby is counting on you to get the best and nutritious food. Hedgehogs really need this to have good health.

Cat food with a fat percentage of 10% to 15%, Protein between 25% to 40%, and fiber level at 5% to 10%, is the perfect choice to feed on hedgehogs.

Food representation

How is the food represented? In what form is the cat food? These are questions that you should ask yourself when purchasing cat food for your hedgehog. When determining the form of food to feed your hedgy, you should first think of what you want to achieve. For the best dental health for your hedgehog, hard and crunchy food is the best idea.

The hedgehog’s nutrition also dictates that hydration is also good for hedgehogs because they don’t drink water. But food with moisture is not advised at the same time.

Pet’s life stage

Less than six months, more than six months, or pregnant. All these life stages in a hedgehog should be put into consideration when buying cat food for hedgy. ‘My hedgehog is below six months old.’ Well, that means that lesser food is required. Such hedgehog also have different nutrition needs to an older hedgehog.

Pregnant hedgehogs eat 2-3 times more than a normal male hedgehog. You know what that means. More food will be required if you have a pregnant hedgehog. At different life stages, the nutrition needs and amount of food are also different.

The following are our top cat food for hedgehog that you can buy on the market today. These food are nutritious and I know your hedgehog will like them. Check their full reviews below.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Dry Cat Food

ChikenSoup cat food

Mention chicken soup, and everyone will be crazy running for it. It’s not only for human beings, Pets also love it. Chicken soup for the soul adult dry cat food is best for hedgehogs. Do you think that your hedgy need to cut out some weight? Or do you want yours not to get fat at all? Then this is the best pack for you. Why? This is because it has a lower fat level, say about 9%.

It contains omega 6 and 3, which aid in your hedgehogs health. The content in this pack may include chicken, brown rice, dried, salmon, duck, turkey soup, and vegetable fiber. For hedgehogs that require fiber, I can confidently say that this is the perfect pack. With natural ingredients, you can be sure that your hedgehog will like it. Yummy!

Proteins, check. Veggies, check. Grains, check. With this unique combination, a well-balanced diet that your hedgehog requires is ensured. What makes your hedgy health, if not chicken soup for soul adult cat food? It can be used as a supplement for your spikey baby or a main meal to stand-alone. If you think your hedgy is happy, buy this pack to see the happier part of the hedgy.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Contains a balanced nutrition
  • Can be used as a supplement or stand-alone
  • Have a great taste
  • Good for immune health


  • Multiple sources of animal proteins which may cause digestive problems
  • Some ingredients in the pack like cassia gum are not useful. They are just for thickening

Purina One Indoor Advantage Adult Cat Food

Purina ONE Natural cat food
  • Real turkey
  • High-protein feed
  • Fiber-rich SmartBlend
  • Deliciously crunchy bites

Purina one is a dry cat food fit for hedgehogs. It reduces hairballs and ensures that your hedgehog is in its right weight. Do hedgehogs have cravings? I know it sounds weird, but yes, they have. They sometimes have a yearning for proteins. Purina one indoor advantage adult cat food contains almost 42 grams of proteins in each cup. This is enough to cater for the hedgehog’s cravings. Real turkey is the main ingredient in this pack.

Hedgehogs always like natural. Purina one is very natural and contains additional vitamins and nutrients contains 0% fillers. Other ingredients in the pack include rice, soya beans meal, dried yeast, liver flavor, and many others, including minerals and vitamins. With the natural fiber in the pack, healthy digestion is enhanced. It also has crunchy kibbles that minimize the buildup of plague. Omega 6 acids contained in the pack ensures that your hedgy remain physically healthy that include its skin.

For your spiky one to have strong bones, muscles, joints, white teeth, and perfect digestion, you have only one option, Purina one advantage adult cat food. If your hedgehog is underweight, this might be the perfect food. With all nutrients and ingredients that your hedgy needs. It is high-quality cat food for your hedgehog from a very reputable brand. They care about your hedgy. Say no more hairballs!


  • Contains no fillers
  • Have crunchy kibbles
  • Well balanced nutrition
  • Reduces hairballs
  • Ensure a healthy weight


  • Not fit for all hedgehogs especially pregnant ones
  • Some may refuse to eat the food             

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein Formula Dry Cat Food

 Dr. Elsey's Cleanprotein
  • 90+% Of Protein Is Animal Based
  • High Protein Optimizes Body Condition For All Cats
  • Primary Ingredients Are Among The Highest Biological Value Proteins Available
  • 100% Grain Free And Gluten Free Omega 3 Fatty Acids

As the name suggest, ‘clean protein’. This cat food inspiration came from protein levels, which helps in most pets’ appetite. It is also seen to be fit for hedgehogs. It contains real chicken and added vitamins to promote a healthy immune. There is also the use of gelatin instead of grains to keep the food dry and crunchy. To increase fiber in the food, the pack contains flaxseeds.

Hedgehogs also like spicy. As we said, they have very functional taste buds. As a spice, chicken fat is used in Dr. Elsey’s clean protein formula dry cat food. Salmon oil is used for the provision of omega 3 acids. With this and other additional minerals and vitamins, the food is complete nutrition. Get this pack to ensure that your spiky one gets balanced nutrition. For any hedgehog, food protein is a key ingredient that is guaranteed by this pack.

With very low levels of carbohydrates and moderated fats, this is the perfect cat food for your hedgehog. Some ingredients in part include chicken, natural flavor, salmon oil, vitamins A, and E and D sources. Hedgehogs do not only require proteins to live but also to flourish. Dr. Elsey’s clean protein formula dry cat food can justify that statement.


  • Rich in protein
  • Contains fats which sources are animal-based
  • Contains natural flavors
  • Contains low levels of carbohydrates
  • No artificial colors


  • Some may consider it relatively expensive
  • The protein level may be considered too much. Not fit for all hedgehogs


Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Dry Cat Food

 Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural Dry Cat Food
  • High-protein cat food
  • Crafted in U.S.
  • Formulated by our pet nutritionist

Looking for hedgehogs’ staple food? Look no further! Purina beyond grain-free, natural, adult cat food is fit to be a hedgehog’s staple food. Say no more to hedgehog obesity as this is the best choice. This pack doesn’t contain wheat, soy, and corn, which are unnecessary. With chicken as the main ingredient, you can consider your hedgehog’s appetite catered for. This cat food is natural with no unnatural colors, preservatives, and also flavors. This ensures perfect nourishment for the hedgy.

Chicken with brown rice. Amazing combination. Purina beyond grain-free cat food contains these two ingredients, which makes a perfect combination. Remember, ingredients are a key consideration when buying any cat food for a hedgehog. Other ingredients in this pack include chicken meal, soybeans, dried eggs, pea protein, beef fat, oatmeal, dried yeast, and whole barley. Liver flavor serves as the key natural preservative. Spiky baby will love this meal.

Spoil your spiky one with a wholesome meal. Balanced nutrition is guaranteed in the Purina beyond grain-free, natural, adult cat food. For sure, Purina is one brand that can never be wrong about. They give you quality cat food like this pack, which is also the best for hedgehogs. Crunchy kibbles, gluten-free, grain-free, it’s the game changer pack. It’s time to get one.


  • Contains real meats instead of by-products
  • No artificial flavor, color or preservatives
  • The flavor is likable
  • Variety of quantities and flavors
  • Very natural


  • No enough hydration guarantee
  • Plant content is relatively high            

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food

 Halo Indoor Dry Cat Food, Grain Free

‘My hedgehog’s stomach is very sensitive, and I think my spiky one does not yearn for chicken anymore.’  Worry not! Halo natural dry cat food got you. This is also the best package if you want to alter the normal hedgehog’s diet. You can be guaranteed that halo natural dry cat food is the best and quickly adaptable food. With the level of fiber at 6.5%, it is best and aids in healthy digestion. Moderated proteins and whole-grain will also ensure that your hedgy will have no problem in ‘doing their business’; the poop clearly shows it. That means the digestive is ‘check’.

Halo dry cat food is natural, containing several ingredients. Some of them include dried peas, salmon, chicken fat, white fish, eggs product, dried blueberries, dried sweet potatoes, dried carrots, Fermentation products, and natural flavor. You can always show your hedgehogs that you care by buying them a pack containing quality ingredients that are as natural as possible.

Fish taste is great for hedgehogs. Let the hedgehog enjoy its best taste by treating it with Halo natural dry cat food. With moderated fats, proteins, and a higher level of fiber, your hedgehog’s nutrition is well balanced. Most hedgehogs are not picky, but for the picky spiky one, get them Halo natural dry cat food to ensure they are not harmed in any way.


  • Contains very natural ingredients
  • Contains high levels of fiber
  • Suitable for diet change
  • Suitable for hedgehogs with a sensitive stomach
  • Well balanced nutrition


  • They recently have fillers
  • Very few hedgehogs and pets in overall like it

Final Words

Mr. hedgy can eat absolutely everything you give to him. But to ensure that he gets well-balanced nutrition by giving him the best. Hedgehogs’ diet and nutrition is very specific. There are food explicitly made for hedgehogs, but they don’t contain the required ingredients to give a balanced diet. That is why they may opt for cat food.

The reviewed cat food gives hedgehogs proper nourishment, comfort and safety. Of course, consider the ingredients, nutrition, representation, safety, and your pet’s life stage. Cat food will perform miracles on your hedgy. Spend an extra coin to make your outstanding spikey baby happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cat food can I feed my hedgehog?

Avoid seeds, raisins, and other items that are dried fruits and vegetables (they get stuck in their mouths).
Feeding a holistic or premium chicken cat food with a little kibble is the next best option if you are unable to get your hedgehog’s food online and your neighborhood pet store does not stock a quality hedgehog kibble.

Is cat food OK for hedgehogs?

The most popular choice among hedgehog owners seems to be premium cat treats made with poultry.
The majority of a hog’s diet should consist of dry cat food made from poultry that is high in protein and low in fat.
Insects, fruit and vegetables, boiled eggs, baby food, and moist cat food are used to complement a pet hedgehog’s diet.

What dry cat food is best for hedgehogs?

Purina One and Iams are two popular brands among owners of African pygmy hedgehogs.
The most popular choice among hedgehog owners seems to be premium cat treats made with poultry.
The majority of a hog’s diet should consist of dry cat food made from poultry that is high in protein and low in fat.

Is canned cat food good for hedgehogs?

It’s particularly bad for your hedgie if their diet contains a lot of fat and protein.
Additionally, if the cat food has fish as one of its main ingredients, your hedgie may suffer from terrible gas problems and have pretty foul waste.
When your hedgehog is ill, wet cat food can help the medicine go down.