Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats – Review & Buying Guide

Aren’t cats adorable? Think of a white furry one with blue eyes. Cats are the best pets. Cats are helpful to kids as they help them deal with traumatic states. As it is said, the only way of refuge from problems is through a cat. A quote that only those that own a cat can understand. What makes many people cat lovers are because they are quiet, require less food, and independent.

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A home is incomplete without kitty’s feet pitter-patter. But as charming as they may look, they can be naughty and hard to take care of at times. Especially if you’re dealing with two cats or more. Taking care of multiple cats may be tricky, especially when it’s peeing time. Having them use one litter box can pollute it.  Therefore, finding the best cat litter for multiple cats can save the day. With this, you won’t worry about odor.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Before buying the best cat litter for multiple cats, you might as well put some factors into consideration. I’m sure you would not want to buy a product that is not convenient for your cat’s needs. Want to be happy with the cat litter you purchase for multiple cats? Look into the following:

Is the litter appealing to my cats?

Some cats are very selective when it comes to litter. Bring them litter that they are not attracted to, and they will conduct their ‘business’ right on your carpet. With your time dealing with cats, you may have probably conducted an assessment to know what kind of litter they really like. Getting your carpet clean almost every day is a hectic job. Choose litter with an additive that is attractive to your cats to make them ‘go’ in the litter box. They will never mess with your carpet.

What allergies do my cats have?

Your cats’ grief is the last thing you would want to see. Some cat litter constitutes components that most cats are allergic to. If it’s your first time using litter for cats, you probably don’t know what’s appropriate for your cats. All you need to do is trial and error to different litter and see how your cats’ reactions. With that, you will know which litter you can is not allergic to or maybe not allergic to any at all.

Absorbency level

If the litter has a low absorbency level, your cats will not be comfortable. This means that you will have to keep changing the litter. Who would want to do this all the time? This will also make you use so much litter and thus costly for you. For multiple cats, choose litter with a high absorbency level. This will be most helpful if the cats are using one box. Some would also prefer clumping litter to make it easier to collect the wet litter as it sticks together in patches.

Smell control

A home with multiple cats, will not have the best smell. This will be the case if the best litter to deal with the smell is not chosen for multiple cats. Some litter does away with cat smell, some just contain it, and others do nothing at all. It’s your responsibility to decide what’s best for you. Do you want the smell done away with or contained? With the litter features, you can choose the best according to your likes.

Number of litter boxes

With multiple cats, you will definitely need multiple litter boxes for each cat. Do you know what that implies? You will need to purchase more litter for your cats. You need more pleasure with cats, and it means that you have to pay for the pleasure.

Amount of dust

Some cats don’t like dust at all. This doesn’t mean that the litter should not have dust at all, but litter with a very low amount of dust is the best for most cats. Purchase low dust litter for your cats and be sure that they will give you a blink.

Make your cats hold their tails straight up as the head to the litter box by considering those factors when purchasing litter.

Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats Reviews

If you are considering to purchase cat litter for multiple cats, check out these top picks. These are high-quality cat litter that are safe for your cats, and they work well. Compared their features and benefits so that you can get the best for your cat.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter
  • 7 day odor-free home
  • Patented formula seals and destroys odors on contact
  • Rock hard clumps for easy scooping
  • 10% more odor eliminators

Looking for the best litter for multiple cats? Then you must be looking for arm and hammer clump and seal platinum cat litter. One of the characteristics of this litter is that it is 100 percent dust-free. Remember, as earlier reviewed, cats do not tolerate dust at all. Some it’s because they are allergic to dust. This litter guarantee that the cats will be free from dust.

With this kind of litter, you can be assured of up to 7 days of smell-free home. It also restrains the smell. You probably can invite a few guests over, and you will be 100 percent confident of contained smell.

Arm and hammer clump and seal platinum cat litter, just as the name suggests, clumping is an undeniable quality of this litter. Wet urine joins together to form patches. This makes cleaning easier as it is just a matter of scooping. Clumping for arm and hammer clump and seal platinum litter occurs in such a way that tracking is also minimized. The kitties’ feet will, therefore, be clean as they walk around the house.

The litter is also argued to have a sandy touch. Well this then leads us to the pros and cons of this litter


  • 100 percent dust liberty
  • Available in large quantities
  • Guaranteed 7 day smell-free home.
  • Contains clumping feature
  • Contains odor


  • Sandy touch which some cats are not into
  • Not effective for cats with diabetes as it becomes cement-like
  • Can’t be flushed as the clump is too hard.

Arm and Hammer Platinum Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer Platinum Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter
  • Patented ez clean technology
  • Destroys sealed-in odors on contact
  • Rock hard clumps for easy scooping
  • 10% more odor eliminators

Who wouldn’t want something that’s easy to clean? When using arm and hammer platinum slide easy clean up clumping cat litter, you can be assured that your litter box cleaning can be aided by EZ technology. EZ cleaning technology helps litter slide out of the box, ensuring that there is no scrubbing and scraping. Isn’t that work made easier by technology? For multiple cats, cleaning the litter box can be a bit tedious. In this case, we are talking of two or more litter boxes. Want easy clean-up for your cats’ litter box, use arm, and hammer platinum slide easy clean up clumping cat litter.

Arm and hammer platinum slide easy clean up clumping cat litter is also effective for cases of dealing with odor. Dealing with multiple cats may mostly bring an unpleasant smell. That’s why you need this litter to eliminate the smell.

One of its unique features is that it contains odor within the individual patches of clump formed. This is one kind of its own technique of dealing with smell. Your cats love attractive litter. Arm and hammer platinum slide easy clean up clumping cat litter is appealing to most cats. By using this litter, you will be assured that your cats will always use the litter box.


  • Can be obtained in two quantities
  • Economical
  • Eliminate odor
  • Cat litter boxes can be cleaned using EZ technology
  • Contains odor within independent clumps


  • Sticks on hair between the cats’ pads
  • Baking soda odor control is used, which most cats don’t like.

World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter
  • Outstanding odor control
  • Quick clumping & easy scooping
  • Flushable* – septic safe
  • Lightweight & 99% dust free

You might as well want your cats to use 100 percent natural litter. World’s best cat litter it is then. Its scent is also natural. This means that no dangerous chemicals are added. Well, people and can friendly is its best by name. With the world’s best cat litter, which scented clumping litter, smell control is guaranteed. Multiple cats should not imply bad smell always. Use the world’s best cat litter to prove that statement.

Having cat litter that does not have clumping qualities is all the same as not using the litter. World’s best cat litter offers clumping qualities. Multiple cats imply that you have to do more cleaning. If you are using the world’s best cat litter, it’s just a matter of scoop and flush. Wait, did I say flush? That’s certainly what I said. World’s best cat litter is flushable. You don’t have to worry about blockages.

Dust-free, the most important thing that we look for in any kind of cat litter. World’s best cat litter is naturally made from corn materials. Do you know what that means? Minimized or no presence of silica dust, let your cats enjoy dust-free litter. Tracking is also minimized when the world’s best cat litter is utilized. Though lightweight litter tracks more that heavyweight, you can be assured that with the world’s best cat litter, the tracking is not that much.


  • Made from natural materials
  • Smell control
  • Flushable
  • Cats and people-friendly
  • Ensure fast clumping


  • Expensive
  • Tracking can occur in some cases due to lightweight quality

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter
  • One 14 pound box of Fresh Step multi-cat clumping scented cat litter
  • For multi-cat homes and busy litter boxes
  • ClumpLock technology locks in liquid and odors on contact
  • Tight clumping cat litter makes for easy cleanup

What is can litter without clumping. Clumping cat litter is the most popular character that people look up to in any cat litter. As the name suggests, Fresh step multi-cat clumping cat litter, the best for multiple cats due to its clumping feature. Thus cleaning is made easier by being narrowed down from scrubbing and scrapping to just scooping.

Fresh step multi-cat clumping cat litter is made with Febreze. That implies that odor is taken care of. You can be assured of up to 10 days of smell-free home. It also leaves your home with a fresh scent. Fresh step multi-cat clumping cat litter is the best for multiple cats.

Multiple cats mean that are going to be needing a considerable amount of cat litter. Worry not for fresh step multi-cat clumping cat litter has got you covered on that. The litter is available in very large quantities. 16.78 kilograms? Wow! That’s a considerable amount of litter always to make your cats happy. Low dust is also guaranteed if you are using fresh step multi-cat clumping cat litter


  • Can be obtained in large quantities
  • Low dust guarantee
  • Odor control
  • Made with Febreze for a fresh smell
  • Quicker and effective clumping


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not flushable

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, 24/7 Performance Multi Cat Litter – 40 lb. Box

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter
  • Clay cat litter with guaranteed continuous 10-day odor control when used as directed
  • Scented kitty litter with a clean linen scent helps keep litter boxes approachable
  • Clay granules help lock in moisture and provide a tight clumping, scoopable litter
  • 100 percent recyclable packaging with handles on this cat litter’s outer box

If you have more than one cat, it is great to get a clumping cat litter. Why? This is because clumping cat litter forms clumps when it is used. This is easy for you to locate the urine and clean the litter box fast. Get the Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter that keeps your house smelling clean and fresh.

The litter works well to absorb the moisture hence keeping your feline friends comfortable. The litter forms strong and tight clumps, which give you an easy time when scooping. You can easily see the used clumps and clean the litter box effortlessly.

The litter holds the strong smell of ammonia from cat urine, so you don’t have to worried about your house smelling cat urine or fecal. It provides you with 24/7 odor control, so your house will always be smelling fresh.


  • Designed to keep your cat comfortable
  • The litter forms tight and strong clumps
  • Locks away the bad smell of smell
  • Keeps your house smelling fresh all-day
  • It can handle multiple cats without issues


  • The litter is dusty but not like others
  • Has medium tracking

Final Words

Clumping, dust-free, odor-free are the most popular word that you should be looking for in any litter enclosure before purchasing. Cats are the cutest pets, and they need to be treated with the best products ever. Make your cats happy, and you will be happy also.

Cat litter for multiple cats, both quality and quantity, are necessary. Leave one, and you will have a very big gap in making your cats happy. Know what litter your cats like and what’s best for their health. I know it feels good when they rub on your ankle and give you a slow blink.

Frequently asked question

What kind of cat litter is best for multiple cats?

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter

Is it OK for 3 cats to share a litter box?

A cat may become anxious when sharing a litter box, especially if other cats are also vying for the same box.
Make sure to provide your cats with a variety of options by placing litter boxes in a variety of quiet areas throughout the house.

Can multiple cats use one litter box?

One litter box for every cat, plus one extra, should be the rule of thumb.
Given their own litter box in their own private, peaceful room, cats will be much happier and healthier. Cats cannot share a litter box for two main reasons: behavioral and health.

Do you need multi-cat litter for 2 cats?

In a multi-cat household, the ideal number of litter boxes is two more than the number of cats; for instance, there should be three boxes for a household with two cats.

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