Best Medicine for Dog Worms – Ultimate Dewormer Choosing Guide

If you are a dog owner, you already known about dog worms. I noticed many dog owners don’t like this topic. Like dislike is not a matter, but scared is a single worm can spread to other dogs and pets with your family member. If you confirm dog worms by checking symptoms, you should treat them as soon as possible.  Many pet owners purchase dog dewormer without any knowledge. Sometimes dog owner doesn’t confirm about dog worm’s symptom, but they are buying dewormer even without consultation of a veterinarian.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Top 5 Best Medicine for Dog Worms
    1. Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dogs
    2. SENTRY HC WormX Plus 7 Way De-Wormer For Small Dog
    3. PETARMOR Sure Shot 2X (pyrantel pamoate) Liquid Dewormer for Dogs
    4. Nemex-2 Wormer 2oz
    5. Wholistic Pet Organics Wormer
  2. Things to Consider Before Buying Best Medicine for Dog Worms
    1. The Active Ingredients
    2. Eliminate Parasites
    3. Number of Deworming Doses
    4. Medical Procedures
    5. Side Effects
    6. Dosage
  3. Verdict

We review here five best medicine for dog worms, and all are from variant type. We also write a complete buying guide on it. We describe details of what things you should check before buying a dog worm medicine. Write this review with a guide and choose the best one for your dog.

Top 5 Best Medicine for Dog Worms

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dogs

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer For Dogs Only, 6 Weeks and Older, 9 Pouches Total(3 Packages with 3 Pouches each)
  • Treat and control worms
  • Minimizing your dog’s chemical exposure
  • With Proven Safety1

Safe-Guard canine dewormer is the most recommended dewormer for all types of dog parasites. Its use to treat for four type worms are Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms. It can work very effectively all kind of dogs. This dewormer is small granules so you can feed it easily by mix into any food.

This dewormer is working fine for a young puppy.

When you think your dog is pregnant or heartworm infected, you can use this dewormer without hesitation. Ensure that your young pappy ages should over the six weeks. You can be deworming your puppy from 6 to 12 weeks. You should be deworming any new dogs when you acquire them. Veterinarian suggests that deworming adult dogs twice a year. Although we know adult dog faces less problem for parasites you should safe from it. 

Veterinarian administrated for gradually three days, and it is effective for six months in a dog body. So after taking it once, your dog will be safe the next six months. Safe-Guard contains each package 2- gram in pouches.

Dog weight is essential about the daily dose of this dewormer. See pouches instruction about weight and daily dose or consult with your veterinarian. Don’t use this dewormer on any sick dog, first try to find out sickness reason by consult with your veterinarian then treat or deworm it. It has fewer side effects, 1% of dog had vomiting experience findings on clinical studies.


  • Eliminates all types of worms.
  • It can be easily fed.
  • Safe for pregnant dogs.
  • Good for health.
  • Puppies can also be fed.


  • It is not effective for most conventional tapeworms.

SENTRY HC WormX Plus 7 Way De-Wormer For Small Dog

SENTRY HC WormX Plus 7 Way De-Wormer For Small Dog, 2 Chewable Tablets
  • For Small Dogs
  • Treat once a month
  • Kills 7 Strains of Tapeworm, Hookworm and Roundworm
  • Chewable

When you worried about your puppies poops with a worm or your small dog poops with worm then SENTRY HC WormX Plus is the best solution for you. You can use this dewormer for your small dogs or puppies. You can use this dewormer 6lbs to 25lbs dog size. This dewormer is the wide range of work effectively. It is very effective to kill all types of parasites and it doesn’t matter small or large.

SENTRY HC WormX Plus is an effective treatment for kills large tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. It is a broad-spectrum dewormer made using pyrantel pamoate. It can control 7 species of worms contain tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. It is very useful for older than 12 weeks’ dog. Small pappy less than 12 weeks’ has don’t contains a huge amount of worm so it can show side effects.

Pyrantel pamoote contains in this dewormer and it is scientifically proved to prevent parasites. Pyrantel is known as an athelminitics class drug and it can have paralyzed the worms. After paralyzed the worms they are removed by stool. This dewormer is a chewable tablet and two flavors available. It is FDA approved with individual lab-tested dewormer. No side effects found in clinical studies.


  • Very useful for kills all type worms
  • Acts as a lifesaver for dogs.
  • High-quality medicine
  • It works great.
  • Suitable for dog health.


  • This is only for small dogs

PETARMOR Sure Shot 2X (pyrantel pamoate) Liquid Dewormer for Dogs

PetArmor for Dogs, Flea and Tick Treatment for Large Dogs (45-88 Pounds), Includes 3 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments

PETARMOR Sure Shot 2X Liquid De-wormer is a vet quality liquid dewormer that effective for heavily contaminated dogs. This dewormer can kill or removes four worms, including two roundworms and two hookworms. Adult dogs have roundworms problem, and this dewormer reinfest of large roundworms of dogs.

PETARMOR Sure Shot 2X is a quality and safe dewormer for any ages or breeds dogs. It is also effective for two weeks’ puppies. It is liquid dewormer so dogs easily can adjust it. Veterinarian uses this pyrantel pamoate for puppy’s deworming process. Normally puppies are affected by worm especially roundworms and hookworms and pyrantel pamoote can remove them. When treated to deworming for another common wormer you can use another dewormer in the market.

Usually, administer it 5ml or 1 teaspoon for each 10lbs weight dog. When it recommended by a vet you should maintain administer of your vet about daily dose. This dewormer can use puppies for 2 weeks to 10 weeks without 7 and 9 weeks’ puppies. Adult dogs should be treated monthly intervals for heavily worms contaminated dogs. This canine contains anthelmintic suspension is approved by ANADA. It has fewer side effects and should consult with a veterinarian before use on any sick puppies or dogs.


  • It can be easily fed.
  • Kills all types of worms.
  • There is no harm to a pregnant dog.
  • Good for health.
  • Works very quickly.


  • Two-week-old puppies cannot chew it.

Nemex-2 Wormer 2oz

Nemex-2 Wormer 2oz
  • Safe, palatable and convenient
  • 4.54 mg pyrantel pamoate per ml
  • Controls large roundworms and hookworms in dogs
  • Safe for puppies

Nemex-2 Wormer is the renowned dewormer in this industry. This canine anthelmintic suspension has 4.54 mg pyrantel pamoate per ML. Nemex-2 Wormer can remove large roundworms and hookworms effectively. This is absolutely the best wormer, and it is available in a reasonable variant version. When you think about effective and safe suspension you can use it.

You can use this dewormer for any ages dog or puppies. It is working effectively at least 2 weeks’ puppy. This dewormer is available in a 2-ounce bottle that contains effective ingredients properly. Nemex-2 is working very fast then others dewormer. 12 hours is enough for understanding this dewormer effectivity. It is very tasty to take so you can feed it your dog easily.  

Nemex-2 sometimes doesn’t work for tapeworms, but it is very effective working on a roundworm, hookworm, and ringworm. Experience dog breeders always recommended this dewormer. You can get it without vet prescription. You can buy it and use it for your dog easily. You should use it 1 teaspoon per 10-pound body weight dog. It is tasty so your puppy or dogs love it. It doesn’t matter before or after taking food whenever it uses. This dewormer is FDA and NADA approved.


  • Safe for dogs.
  • High-quality medicine.
  • It is prepared in the USA.
  • Pregnant dogs can be fed.
  • Works great.


  • It should not be fed to puppies less than two weeks old.

Wholistic Pet Organics Wormer

Wholistic Pet Organics Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs - Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pets - Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

If you love to free your puppy or dogs from all chemical ingredients side effects, then Wholistic Pet Organics Wormer can be the best solution. Wholistic pet organics wormer have diatoms that are made from microscopic sea creatures of dried skeletons. Diatomaceous earth has multi-functional activity in the body and it can improve health simply. That contains ingredients can remove unwanted dead skin cells or parasites from the body. 

Wholistic Pet Organics contains fossil shell flour ingredients that are completely safe from any type of chemical. This dewormer can relieve your puppies or dog from flea and tick. This dewormer can safely use for all types of dogs. This dewormer easily dissolved with food and your dog does not know anything mixed there. A dog owner who loves to feed their dog natural ingredients this dewormer is the best solution. It doesn’t work only dewormer it has lots of physical activity that help your dog charming more.

This dewormer will support your puppy or dogs for natural mineral. This is very easy to use by food because it mixed, and your dog loves it to take daily food. It is high-quality food-grade ingredients so it is safe for people also.


  • Eliminates all types of worms.
  • There are no chemicals or poisons.
  • Puppies can also be fed.
  • It is prepared in the USA.
  • Good for health.


  • May irritate the lungs and throat after feeding.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Medicine for Dog Worms

The Active Ingredients

Medicines that are made to kill dog worms use some ingredients that are used alone or in combination with other ingredients. Not all worms can be eliminated by the same formula. Usually using dewormers with fenbendazole does not get rid of tapeworms from ants. In this case, according to the advice of the veterinarian, the dog should be given medicine. Keep in mind that using piperazine only removes roundworms.

Eliminate Parasites

You need to have an idea of why the pills are given to your dog to get rid of worms often do not work. Most of the deworming products on the list are capable of repelling worms. It should be noted that dogs usually have 2 types of tapeworms. There are many treatments that are unable to work to eliminate these two types of tapeworms. There are also seven most common worms that can be removed with any deworming.

Number of Deworming Doses

Dogs are usually given a 1 to 3-day treatment dose for most dogs. There are also some naturally occurring anthelmintics, which are dosed daily.

Medical Procedures

There are different dosages for deworming puppies and dogs. The most widely used and most popular products include chewable tablets. There are also many customers who prefer granular products that can be easily measured. Other treatments for dog worms include tablets that can be crushed or swallowed. Liquid treatments are also very beneficial, we have also found gel products that are used as anthelmintics.

Side Effects

No one wants their pet dog to suffer. No medicine should be given that can cause side effects in dogs. Veterinarians must be consulted before deworming. Reliable products should be used to eliminate worms. Reliable products will do no harm to your puppy or dogs. We have taken steps to eliminate worms through safety information and reviews to ensure the search for the best treatment. Products from high-quality brands make your dog’s digestive system easier. Remember that trusted and high-quality products benefit the lifestyle.


The products are labeled according to the size and age of the dog. There are several alternative doses available for two-week-old puppies and for very young dogs. All other doses are only for dogs 12-weeks or older. This dose can also be given to dogs weighing 10 pounds. Proper dosing increases the chances of it being effective.


Go through this complete review and buying guide. You can find here some best medicine for dog worms. I reviewed here 5 medicine that can kill your dog worms. Your dog will love this medicine for taking. I always prefer medicine for my dogs with natural ingredients and smooth flavor. You should check before buying how your dog worm medicine can eliminate parasites, medication side effects, and ingredients. This contains ingredients that are a source of high-level cholesterol. You can use it for your dog without hesitation and safety. I hope this review will help you to find the best

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