What Are Mixed Dog Breeds?

A mixed breed dog is a dog that has parents from different breeds. These dogs can be the result of accidental or intentional breeding between two purebred dogs of different breeds, or they can be the result of crossbreeding between a purebred dog and a mixed breed dog.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Since I talk about my chocolate Labrador Retriever in almost each and every post, I thought I would share some facts and characteristics about the breed.  Our Harley is a wonderful companion for me, and he goes just about everywhere I go (depending on the weather – I don’t like taking him if too hot … Read more

Great Weimar Dog Breed

The Great Weimar is a mix of the Great Dane and the Weimaraner, two very different breeds of dog. The result is a dog that is both big and powerful, yet also gentle and good with children. They are often used as police dogs or search and rescue dogs because of their excellent working abilities. … Read more

Catahoula Heeler Dog Breed

What’s that? It sounds like a made-up breed of dog, but I can assure you it is very real! They often used as cattle herders, and are known for their loyalty and intelligence. If you’re looking for a new best friend, the Catahoula Heeler just might be the perfect breed for you!

Bolonoodle Dog Breed

The Bolonoodle is a mix of the Bolognese and the Poodle, and is known for being very friendly and good with children. They are also known for their unique appearance, as they have a very shaggy coat of hair that makes them look like they are always wet.

Brittnepoo Dog Breed

There are many different types of dogs that can make great family pets. One such breed is the Brittnepoo. This breed is a cross between the Brittany Spaniel and the Poodle, and is known for being friendly, intelligent, and good with children. They make great family pets and are easy to train.

Petite Goldendoodle

Smaller and more compact than the golden retriever, the petite goldendoodle is a mix between the golden retriever and the poodle. They make great family pets because they are friendly, intelligent and easy to train.

Bordoodle Breed

The Bordoodle has become a very popular breed in recent years, as more and more people discover how wonderful they are. They are great with children and make perfect family pets.