Do Cats Hate Water?

Photo by Brad Pearson for Unsplash

If your cat does need bathing and you’ve never done it before, you’d be better off leaving it to the professionals. Contact your veterinarian or a reputable cat groomer who focuses on gentle handling.

Are There Cats That Like Water?

Many cats, even those who would vehemently object to be being bathed, love playing with water. Whether it’s batting at or licking the drips from a faucet, or dunking a paw in the water bowl, water can prove to be quite fascinating to felines. Some cats may even go so far as to hop in the shower with you.

There are actually some cat breeds known for their love of water, such as the Maine Coon, Turkish Van, Bengal, and Savannah. The Turkish Van, with a water-repellant coat, is even nicknamed The Swimming Cat.

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