How to Keep Dog Hair Off Bed

Dealing with dog hair in bed can be a major hassle. Luckily, there are several simple strategies that you can use to keep dog hair out of your bed and your home.

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With some diligence and the right strategies, you can keep your bed free of dog hair and enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free home.

How to Prevent Dog Hair From Taking On Your Bed

There are any ways how to avoid dog hair on your bed.

Keep Your Pet Brushed and Bathed

Keep your pet brushed and well-groomed. Regular brushing and grooming sessions will help to remove excess hair from your dog’s coat, reducing the number of stray hairs that are left in your home. You can also invest in a high-quality dog brush or comb designed specifically to remove dog hair and keep it off from surfaces like your bed.

Pet Hair Vacuum

Invest in a high-quality pet hair vacuum. A good quality vacuum cleaner with special pet-hair attachments can help to remove dog hair from your bed and other surfaces throughout your home.

Special blankets

Use pet-friendly covers and linens on your bed. Special pet-friendly sheets and blankets can help to keep dog hair at bay, while still providing your pet with a comfortable sleeping surface.

Remove Dog Hair From a Bed

If your bed is already covered with dog hair, there are several ways you can use to remove it quickly and effectively.

Clean or wash the comforter

Wash your bedding and other fabric items that tend to accumulate canine hair. This can help to remove loose dog hair and keep your bed feeling fresh and clean.

Use patterned sheets and comforters

Covering your bed with patterned sheets and comforters can help to hide missed dog hair, making it easier to keep your bed clean.

Use a Lint Roller

Another simple strategy for removing dog hair from your bed is to use a lint roller or specialized pet-hair remover. These tools can help you get rid of stray hairs quickly and efficiently, leaving your bed looking and feeling clean.

Use a Rubber Glove

Try using a rubber glove. Simply slide your hand into the glove and run it across your bed, removing stray hairs as you go. You can then easily throw away the collected hair, keeping your bed looking neat and tidy. With these strategies, it is easy to keep dog hair off your bed.

Shake the Blanket Outside

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep dog hair off your blacked is to simply shake it outside. Simply get up, grab your blanket, and give it a good shake outdoors. This can help to remove excess hairs without having to do any scrubbing or deep cleaning.

Try a Damp Sponge

An effective method for removing dog hair from your bed is to use a damp sponge. Simply wipe down the surface of your bed with a damp sponge, removing any stray hairs as you go. Just be sure to clean and dry the sponge once you’re done, to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria in your home.

Use a Vacuum

Regularly vacuuming your bed and other surfaces can also help keep dog hair at bay. This can be a great way to remove any stray hairs that may accumulate over time, keeping your bed looking clean and fresh.

What to do if I have to deal with a shedding dog?

Firstly – keep your dog out of your bed or bedroom. It prevents the entering dog hairs in room.

Secondary – invest your time in regular home grooming sessions for your pet, as this can help remove excess fur from their coat before it has a chance to fall onto your bed or other surfaces.

Thirdly – use special pet-friendly covers and linens on your bed, as these can help to keep dog hair at bay while still providing your pet with a comfortable sleeping surface.

Fourthly – you may find it helpful to invest in a high-quality pet vacuum or lint roller, which can help remove dog coat from your bed and other surfaces.


With these tips and strategies, you can easily keep dog hair off your bed and out of your home. Whether you use a lint roller, damp sponge, or regular vacuum, there are many simple and effective ways to keep your bed clean and comfortable. So why not give them a try today?

Frequently asked question

How to Keep Dog Hair Out Off Your Bed?

In your dog’s preferred sleeping area, it’s a smart idea to cover your usual bedding with a towel or folded blanket. To get rid of any dog hair if your pet does get on the pillows, blankets, or bedding, use a dryer sheet. The hair will typically come off the bedding easily by rubbing the dryer sheets over it a few times.

What fabric repels dog hair the best?

Pet hair is effectively repelled by materials like microfiber, satin, silk, leather, and tightly woven cotton. There are no large holes in these finely woven textiles for the hair to get caught in. You can shake or dust hair off simply with these kinds of textiles.

How to remove dog hair from bed sheets?

When dog fur gets trapped on your favorite sheets, a lint roller—the kind with sticky paper sheets that peel away and are generally used on clothing—works wonders. Fur may be quickly removed from bedding by rolling the roller over it.

How to keep my dog out of bed?

You may educate your dog to remain off your bed using a positive reinforcement training technique, ensuring that you both have a good night’s sleep in the future.