Pet Mountain

People love to keep their pets happy and healthy and Pet Mountain helps owners do just that by providing them with great products. They have been serving customers for years by providing a whole host of benefits and discounts that simply can’t be matched anywhere else. Their large selection of products and low prices are coupled with other benefits that save consumers time and money.

The most noticeable part of the Pet Mountain website is the wide variety of animals that they offer products for. They have the traditional cat and dog items, but also offer products for wild birds, reptiles, and fish. This wide variety of items means that customers won’t have to travel from site to site to find exactly what they need for their pets.

Pet Mountain also offers zero sales tax to customers who live outside of California. This can save customers vast amounts of money that would have to be spent on large orders. These tax savings can go towards purchasing high-quality products that might otherwise be too expensive.

A low-price guarantee is also offered by Pet Mountain. If a customer can find a lower price on an item they can call Pet Mountain and give them the website and order item and Pet Mountain will beat the competitor’s price. This low-price promise means there will never be a reason to purchase from other pet stores.

Any orders over $75 are given free shipping at Pet Mountain. Shipping charges can be a costly part of any online purchase, but stocking up on items a pet will need means cutting this cost considerably by not having to pay any of the shipping costs.

There are also a large amount of coupons that can be applied to purchases at Pet Mountain. Not only can these coupon codes be entered manually, but many of them are already credited at the time of purchase. Pet Mountain will offer coupon codes from time to time so that customers can save on certain products or a variety of products within a certain category. Customers can also sign up for Pet Mountain’s email list and receive a coupon for their first order. One example of one of the most recent coupons codes is “Save.” This expired recently, but customers were able to save $5 on a $50 order.

Pet Mountain is an online pet store that offers a wide selection of products at great prices to their customers. With all the benefits of being able to shop online, Pet Mountain makes this process even more appealing by offering great incentives to its customers. This saves customers money so that they can put more of it towards giving their pet the best life possible.