The Importance of Cat Wellness Exams

Cats need routine wellness exams at least once a year. For older cats that routine exam should happen every six months, or as often as you and your veterinarian decide would be best. As your cat ages or if she has specific health concerns, your veterinarian will recommend a customized schedule for you.

As much as we love our cats, it’s sad to realize many still aren’t receiving the appropriate amount of veterinary care. As popular as cats are, they still aren’t being seen for veterinary exams as often as dogs. Too many people are under the mistaken belief cats are independent and therefore don’t require the same level of medical care as dogs.  Just because you don’t “see” something wrong with your cat doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential medical problem going on internally. Cats are  good at hiding pain and illness. It’s a survival instinct. You may not realize your cat has been injured or is suffering from a stomach ailment or urinary problem until she has reached a point where she can’t help but display it in outward behavior or where symptoms become physically obvious. By that time, she may have been suffering for far too long.


The Importance of Wellness Exams

This is a great way to catch something early, before it becomes a major problem. This can save your cat needless suffering, increase the chance of a full recovery and can save money on long-term medical costs.

A routine wellness exam is also a great opportunity for preventive care. During an exam your veterinarian may be alerted to a potential problem and advise you on any recommended change in diet, medication or lifestyle. Routine blood work and diagnostic testing can catch potential problems in their earliest stages.

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